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10 activities to try under the influence of weed

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Have you ever noticed that when you are under the influence of cannabis your sensations and emotions are sometimes more vivid and intense than usual?

The unique sensory experience that consuming cannabis can create sometimes makes us more laughing, more creative, more curious and more focused on the environment around us (just to name a few effects) (1). Some activities can be particularly interesting and fun when accompanied by weed.

In the following lines, we suggest you a list of 10 original ideas of activities to put immediately on your "elevated to-do list".

1. Doing physical activity in nature

Take a long walk in the woods, go hiking, mountain biking... Getting outdoors and practicing your favorite sport is both physically and mentally beneficial.

In fact, many benefits are associated with the use of cannabis before or after physical activity according to a study conducted in the United States. Users reported that cannabis made their workouts more enjoyable, especially by keeping their focus and concentration. It also resulted in improved mind-body awareness. Consuming the plant would also help recovery after training (2).

Connect completely with nature, open all your senses and take a good breath of oxygen!

2. Going to the Movie Theater

Going to the movies while high is a classic! You can sit back and concentrate on a good movie on a big screen. As an added bonus, you can enjoy unparalleled munchies by enjoying good popcorn, all in the darkness of the movie theater. This means you can indulge yourself and stuff your face as you please without anyone seeing you ;).

Why not try a 3D movie for total immersion in the film? Or even a drive-in movie?

For an even better experience, get your friends together and pick a good stoner movie. It's a great way to feel at home.

3. Playing video games

What could be better than staying at home, sitting on the couch, getting out some snacks and ... "gaming"!

Whether it's pulling out old Mario Bros. classics or honing your skills in your favorite video game of the moment, it's guaranteed to be fun! Cannabis can sharpen your senses and focus, so who knows, you might even discover a new hidden talent!

4. Listening to music and dancing

On a dancefloor or just in your living room, with friends or alone, this fourth activity is quite simple: move to the sound of your favorite music and let yourself go! The cannabis you've consumed before (or during) may even make you discover some pretty funny and original moves!

Not a dancer? No problem! The music itself and the different sounds it creates can bring you intense and euphoric emotions, as well as allow you to hear a variety of sounds that you may not normally hear (especially with cannabis strains that increase concentration and focus) (3).

5. Opening a discussion

It is a well-known fact that certain strains of cannabis, such as Blue Dream, Green Crack and Sour Diesel, for example, can help develop a sense of creativity (4). With a creative mind comes new ideas, new thoughts and new solutions.

It is therefore not surprising that cannabis can be an excellent companion to brainstorming sessions, bringing unsuspected results!

Cannabis is also a good way to get to know someone new. It can help remove communication barriers such as shyness, as well as lead to interesting and varied conversations or touch on previously unexplored topics.

6. Playing cards or board games

Looking for simplicity? Cannabis has a way of turning simple things into unique experiences. Why not pull out a deck of cards or a board game with your crew?