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13 tips to overcome your bad trips

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

We've all had the experience of smoking ONE too many hits that quickly turn a moment of pleasure into a moment of panic or of taking too many edibles, eager to feel the effects.

First of all, don't worry! To this day, no one has ever died after consuming too much cannabis (1).

On the other hand, it can be quite unpleasant to feel unwanted effects when consuming weed. In the event that you consume too much THC (the molecule responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis) and you don't like the effects you feel, here are 13 tips from the CanTeam to help you reduce your "buzz" and feel better.

1- Consuming CBD

If you didn't already know, CBD can be a strong ally when it comes to mitigating the unwanted and sometimes overpowering effects of THC. This is mainly because CBD blocks THC from fully attaching to the body's cannabinoid receptors (2).

So it's not a bad idea to keep some CBD on hand for emergencies.

No one knows you better than you know yourself! If you tend to get anxious when you use cannabis, we recommend that you choose a strain that has an equal dose of THC and CBD or higher CBD to reduce the risk of not feeling well.

2- Going for a walk outside

As soon as you start to feel the panic building up inside you, get outside and take a walk in fresh air to help your body work through the effects of the cannabis you've consumed (3). Trust us, it can be very helpful in clearing your mind!

3- Using terpenes

The third tip is to use terpenes to help you get through your bad cannabis experience.

Lemon and pepper combined can really be the miracle recipe for overcoming your bad trip. The terpene limonene present in lemon can relieve the side effects of cannabis very quickly, alleviating the anxiety often associated with its use. The beta-caryophyllene terpenoids present in pepper can also, when combined with THC consumption, produce therapeutic effects.

Have a big glass of water with squeezed lemon and ground pepper, a terpene mixture that will help modulate the effects of THC on your body (4).


One of the best pieces of advice we can give you is to stay calm and take deep breaths. Relax and keep in mind that the "high" will inevitably fade over time.

5- Avoid overly intense auditory or visual stimuli

If the effects of cannabis are freaking you out, it's definitely not a good idea to play loud music or watch an action movie, as this may amplify your anxiety. Instead, choose a soothing, calm environment to help you get back to normal (5).

6- Doing physical exercise

Getting active is one of the most effective ways to help you get through the effects of heavy THC use. Exercising has been shown to release the stress associated with cannabis use, and it's also a great distraction to help you think about something other than your bad "buzz" (6).


This seventh tip sounds simple, but it can be quite complex depending on the strain of cannabis you use. You may find it very difficult to fall asleep after using cannabis which makes you feel euphoric, energetic and creative.

If you chose a cannabis with relaxing effects, you should be able to nod off for a few minutes, allowing time (and therefore your "high") to pass more quickly (7).

The optimal duration of the nap would be 30 to 45 minutes to wake up in good shape.

8- Eating sugary foods/drinking sugary drinks

Eating and/or drinking sweetened foods can help you during a bad trip. Cannabis can cause a drop in blood sugar levels, which can lead to dizziness and drowsiness. Ingesting sugar can raise your blood sugar level and help you counteract these side effects (8).

9- Taking your mind off things

It's very important to take your mind off things when you get a bad "buzz". Watch a good movie, listen to music you like or choose another hobby that makes you feel happy and calm. By temporarily forgetting about your stressful state, it may eventually disappear (9).

10- taking a cold shower

Taking a cold shower has long been recognized as an excellent way to instantly wake up and invigorate the senses (10).

Although this method does not reduce the level of THC in the blood, cold water on the skin can be a shock that will immediately take your brain's attention away from your cannabis-induced anxiety.

11- Moving to a safe environment

To reduce the panic you feel, move to a safe environment where you feel comfortable. The environment you are in can have a big impact on the effects you feel when you use cannabis.

12- Staying well hydrated

Drinking water can take care of a lot of things! After and even during your cannabis use, pour yourself a big glass of water to stay well hydrated. Water will definitely help you get over the effects of cannabis, as well as get rid of dry mouth syndrome (11). ;)

13- Finding comfort in someone you trust

It's no secret that your 420-friendly experience will depend a lot on who you share it with. If you find yourself on a bad trip, it's a great idea to surround yourself with people you trust who can support you and help you get your senses back.

You are now well equipped to tackle your next "cannabis session" with more confidence and safety.


All of these tips to help reduce your "high" are taken from the cannabis-infused cocktail book, CanDrinks: Cocktails & Cannabis, for sale oN CANEMPIRE'S ONLINE STORE!

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