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Celebrate the holidays with CanEmpire!

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

This holiday season, make sure you leave no one indifferent

With the holidays and Christmas comes the need to find many gift ideas to spoil our loved ones.

Just in time, the CanEmpire team has put together a selection of 100% 420-friendly holiday gift ideas that are sure to please every cannabis lover in your life!


CanDrinks : Cocktails & Cannabis

Image from the book CanDrinks: Cocktails & Cannabis, by CanEmpire and Alex Vallieres, cannabis-infused mixology, cuba libre cocktail, on sale at

Cannabis-infused cocktails, as good for treating a significant other as for spicing up your holiday parties!

The CanDrinks book is Canada's first-ever cannabis-infused cocktail recipe book! Always wanted to try cannabis cocktails but you don't know a clear and reliable way to prepare them? This book is for you!

With over 50 cocktail recipes, each more original than the last, including classic cocktails, signature cocktails created by our mixologist Alex Vallieres and non-alcoholic mocktails, there is something for everyone!

The book provides a simple and clear process for the infusion of cannabis directly from the dried flowers. It also offers education about cannabis, suggestions for terpene and cocktail combinations, and much more!

Image of the book CanDrinks: Cocktails & Cannabis, by CanEmpire and Alex Vallieres, cannabis-infused mixology, on sale at

Surprise your guests this year with these original, reliable and easy-to-make cocktails that are sure to spark up your holiday parties!

*Book available in French and English

Pssst: The CanDrinks experience is now available at home! Visit the CanDrinks section of the CanEmpire website to book your bartender and cannabis educator duo at your private events!


Smell-proof storage items

Image of a CanEmpire herbal transport container, smell proof, airtight and waterproof, ideal for storing cannabis, available at

Preservation jars, transport containers and transport tubes : CanEmpire's collection of smell-proof storage items is a must-have for fans of all kinds of herbs.

Bestsellers on the CanEmpire store, this collection of storage items makes consuming herbs more discreet and stylish than ever! These essentials are made from materials that allow for optimal preservation of herbs, so they stay fresh anytime, anywhere.

The smell-proof herb preservation jar is made of glass and is covered with a removable silicone coating, which allows storage out of the reach of sunlight. This prevents the herbs from drying out, spoiling the taste or deteriorating.

Image of a CanEmpire herbal preservation jar, smell proof, airtight and UV protecting, ideal for storing cannabis, available at

Both the smell-proof transport container and tube are liquid-resistant and waterproof. They can be tightened to be completely airtight and are both the perfect size for easy and hassle-free transportation of your herbs on a daily basis!

Image of a CanEmpire joint transport tube, smell proof, airtight and waterproof, ideal for transporting prerolls, available at

Many vibrant colors are available! You can create your own personalized assortment of storage items for your loved ones by choosing their favorite colors from the ones available!