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Medical cannabis and veterans: an alternative solution

It is a growing fact that cannabis can be very beneficial in relieving symptoms of anxiety and chronic pain in its users.

More and more veterans are turning to cannabis-based medication each year to calm the anxiety caused by post-traumatic stress disorder (which is unfortunately very common among military combatants), as well as to soothe their pain on a daily basis (1). The VAC (Veterans Affairs Canada) can reimburse up to 3 grams per day of dried cannabis to veterans. In 2021, the organization reimbursed a total of 115 942 159$ of medical cannabis to 17 495 Canadian veterans (2). Although many veterans find that 3 grams per day are not nearly enough to meet their multiple needs, the research and data on this topic are constantly evolving and increasingly allow veterans to stop or significantly reduce their use of opioid-based medications (3).

Radio interview with Louis-Philippe Lebel - CJMD Lévis

To illustrate this phenomenon, Awa Diagne (CEO of CanEmpire) interviewed Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) veteran Louis-Philippe Lebel during his bi-monthly cannabis-themed segment at CJMD 96.9 FM. The veteran gave a strong testimony about his own experience with medical cannabis after leaving the Forces.

Having served 10 years in the CAF with the 1st Battalion Royal 22e Régiment and having participated in two deployments in Afghanistan, Louis-Philippe has been using cannabis for medical purposes for several years now to relieve his post-traumatic stress symptoms.

Audio clip from the interview

Although cannabis is becoming more widely used by veterans for medical purposes, more studies are needed to help them and make it easier for them to access the plant.

Veterans who would like to learn more about medical cannabis and/or start the process of obtaining cannabis can contact a medical cannabis clinic.


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